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Stone Type: Granite

White Alpha

White Alpha granite countertops from Brazil is a soft white surface bespeckled with light and dark gray flecks.

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Verde Peacock

Verde Peacock granite countertops from Brazil are a dark green surface with flecks of gold and black.

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Thunderstorm granite countertops is a bold choice with a dark slate gray base color with white and light gray veins presenting a strong contrast of colors.

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Snowfall granite countertops from Brazil is an ornate snowy white granite with warm tones of ebony and charcoal.

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Smokey Skies

Smokey Skies granite countertops is a gray stone with warm whites and rich veins of emerald green flecks.

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Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud granite countertops are finely grained fog and sterling grey swirled with white, alabaster, and ivory for a refined and sophisticated look.

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San Gabriel

San Gabriel granite countertops are a regal black stone with a very uniform texture. San Gabriel granite comes from Brazil and is also know as Preto Sao Gabriel Granite,Preto Sao Gabriel Black Granite,Black San Gabriel Granite, Preto San Gabriel Granite, Negro...

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Salinas White

Salinas White granite countertops come from Brazil and offer a cool white tone. This snowy white granite has densely packed onyx with pewter throughout. This granite also goes by the name Salinus.

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Opalescence granite countertops are a special type of black granite that originates in India. While mainly black in color, there are subtle hues of blue, green, and brown throughout.

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