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Granite vs Marble Countertops

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Granite and Marble are both all natural stone materials, they are similar in many ways. Learn more about these types of stone countertops.

Marble is a higher-end product that requires more care than Granite, however it offers a timeless elegance that is hard to match.

Visually, the patterns and color variations you see in Granite are small flecks, compared to swirling lines in a Marble. Marble’s color has more of a fluid feel, while granite is more random. Marble offers a cleaner, brighter feel, while Granite is more earthy and modern.

If you’ve narrowed your selection down to Granite and Marble, here’s what you need to know to decide which countertop is right for your home.


  • Costs about $60 to $300 per square foot installed
  • Typical kitchen in the Wichita area will cost between $2500 and $5000
  • Brighter, more elegant look than Granite
  • Unique veining patterns not found in Granite
  • Not as common as Granite, more of a luxurious, high-end feel
  • Good strength and durability
  • Softer stone, more likely to scratch and crack than Granite
  • Good heat tolerance
  • Requires sealing twice per year
  • Easier to cut and shape, allowing for more unique edges
  • Retains a cooler temperature, great for baking
  • Porous, can stain if some acidic foods and other substances are absorbed
  • Sensitive to certain chemical agents
  • ​Requires more vigilant cleanup, more maintenance than Granite

Granite Countertop


  • Costs about $45 to $250 per square foot installed
  • Typical kitchen in the Wichita area will cost between $1500 and $4500
  • More scratch and chip resistant than Marble
  • More stain resistant than Marble
  • Good heat tolerance
  • Has an earthy, organic feel
  • More commonly used in Kitchens than Marble
  • Every slab is unique, can be difficult to match slabs
  • Requires sealing every few years (depends on usage and sealing type)
  • Made up of multicolored speckles and patterns
  • Generally lower cost than Marble
  • ​Porous, though mostly water resistant when sealed

The main difference between Granite and Marble for many people is simply about the desire for an elegant luxury product that is more rare (Marble), compared to a more practical stone with less of a high-end feel (Granite). Both countertops are durable, and can last for decades when properly cared for, so either is a great choice.

Generally Marble is better suite for areas that will get less abuse such as bathrooms, accents or areas designed for baking. Granite is a more all-purpose stone that will hold up better in busy kitchens.

However, even though Marble is more expensive and more difficult to maintain. With proper care, it provides a timeless beauty that Granite cannot match. For this reason, Marble is often used in high-end applications. Marble Is known to raise the value of a property. If you’re willing to take the extra care to maintain your countertops, Marble is suitable for most homes.

Granite is more practical for high traffic areas and large families. It’s one of the most commonly used materials for higher-end countertops. While not a unique as Marble, it’s popularity speaks to its quality and durability.

Consider how your family will use your countertops over the years and give us a call if you’d like to start comparing the two products in person. We have a large selection of Marble and Granite in our Wichita showroom. 316-946-0530

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